Another Century of Beauty

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Paris has Notre Dame.

South St. Louis has St. Francis de Sales.

St. Francis de Sales church, once crowned “The Cathedral of South St. Louis,” is a cultural icon in its own right. Occupying a space as wide as it is tall - sporting the tallest spire in the whole city - this majestic church is one of the founding blocks of St. Louis.

The massive Neo-Gothic historic landmark church embodies more than one hundred years of human and architectural history of St. Louis, its immigrant roots, urban development through two World Wars, and the inevitable booming and ebbing of fortunes. Now it has stepped firmly into the 21st Century.

It is crumbling from age, but vows never to disintegrate. It is in need of our tender care.

Please enjoy our first professional audio and video recording of our Wilhelm Organ, produced in June of 2022! Please revisit our site for additional videos in the future.

The Latest Initiative

A New Organ

The organ has been a vital and integral component of St. Francis de Sales church. Just as the stained glass, fine woodwork, and frescoes provide visual and tactile beauty, the organ is the source of tangible, aural beauty for the human senses; it is the voice of this majestic edifice.


Formed to Fortify Restoration

Following the most recent phase of renewal of the church, the DeSales Heritage Foundation was formed in 2018 to fortify the restoration effort, and to carry it to maturity. Find out about our organization, mission, on-going work, and the achievements thus far.

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